Setup KIWI Flights

01. Login to your account at

02. Navigate to my solutions and then click on create solution

03. Then select the option Online travel agency - API Integration

04. Keep all settings same or if you like you can change the payment mode to Deposit (Bank Transfer)

05. add the name of your business and make sure it is lowercase without spaces in the name then click to create

06. Once solution is create copy the AffilID and API key

07. Login to your admin panel then from module settings of kiwi click settings and then add these credentials into your module.

Make sure the below settings should remain as Dev Mode to : Production Payment Mode to : Merchant Currency : Check on kiqi which ones are supported we recommend using USD Color : as per your recommendation PNR Type : Auto

Once all the above settings are done successfully please check the flight results on the frontend of your website. And do not forget to setup your markups. to add your markup you can check on the admin panel the markups option

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