Managing currencies rates and more

After login to your admin panel select currencies from the left navbar

You will be able to see all the available currencies at currencies page at this page you will be able to add edit remove or make default currency.

Please make sure you have entreprise or any package which has multi-currency feature enabled otherwise you will be not able to view this page.

Add Currency

Please click on on the Add button on the top right side

And when you add new currency you will get this page

  1. Select the status enabled

  2. Add currency name

  3. Add currency country name

  4. Add currency rate and click on Save

Delete Currency

To delete any currency just hit on the delete button to any specific currency you like to delete

Set currency default

To set any currency as a default currency. on currency page click on the default drop button the page will reload and the system will set your selected currency as a default currency to be loaded.

Update currency rates

To update currency rates with the latest rates click on auto update rates but before hat make sure you have used your own API keys for the currency. To have your API keys signup at : Then obtain your API Keys and paste them under the file then try using the auto update all currencies.

Auto update cronjob

If you are looking to update your currencies automatically by setting cronjob time then follow this guide.

Make sure you have already added your API key under the file

Create cronjob on your server and add below URL in your cron job

Link :

That's all

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