Viator Affiliate API
Working with viator module
To use Viator tours booking module please follow the below instructions
    Signup at Viator partners site at :
    Signup the form
03. Once you signup please wait for approval for your account 04. Or you can contact them directly by email writing to : [email protected] 05. after they approve your account you will receive email from viator with API credentials 06. Copy your API key and goto your websites admin panel then modules then viator settings 07. then paste your API keys as below :
08. Goto to main website and check on tours search
09. search for any destination and check the results.
10. after getting the result and checking everything is working fine send your websites domain to viator for final approval and production use. 11. viator will check your website and contact you back within few days for final production use then login one more time to admin panel then navigate to modules and then click on viator settings then change the mode from sandbox to production as below then add your final production URL of viator in input box.
And that's all now you are ready to sell tours from Viator. do contact us anytime if you have any issues . Viator Production Enpoint :
Last modified 1yr ago
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