Installation guide for phptravels


Once you unzip the source code on your public_html run the installer from browser


You will see the above mentioned image as a initial installer with all the requirements and checkpoints for the needed configurations.

If you sell all the requirements completed you may proceed to step 2 for file and folder permission.


On permissions page the system will check some files folders permission if you found any error at this page please consult with your hosting provider or your IT support person to fix the server side files and folders permission.

And once everything looks good hit the Setup Database button to proceed to step 3


Add your newly created database credentials such as hostname database name user and passwords to connect with your database.

While having error 500 it clearly means your database connection is not correct. you need to checkout your database credentials and connect again

Once your database connection is fixed click on Check Database to move on to STEP 4


On this page you need to make sure all the available information is correct starting from Base URL make sure the URL is correct and it's pointed to your main domain name instead using sub-domains or domain folders.

We highly recommend to use the software directly on your domain main page.

To proceed further please make sure you have the valid license code otherwise the software will result to stop at any point with legal notice.

Add your Base URL License Code along with your business name add admin user details which help you to login as a super admin of website with all the privileges and access to modules and services.

After completing all the form click on Install to finish the installation process


Congratulations the installation has been completed successfully.

Save your super admin credentials in secure place and make sure to not share with anyone until it's necessary.

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