Setting up paypal payment gateway.

To setup paypal payment gateway you must have valid developer or live account in this guide we will setup paypal developer account

Visit the link and click on the login to dashboard from top right blue button

On login page add your login details and if you don't have one please create new account.

Click on the Apps & Credentials from your dashboard

Click on the button Create App if you not have created any app before

Name your new app and make sure to select as a Merchant from the selection option

Copy your Client ID then login to your website as admin and navigate to paypal settings

Add your Client ID into the Credential 1 input and make sure the status of gateway is active and also change the Dev Mode to Development instead Production

Now go back to your paypal account and scroll down on the Apps and Credentials page to get email account for payment and testing.

Use this email and your password while you make the payment after bookings on your website. to double check and test the integration is working fine. Once the test has been passed please turn your developer account to live and also under the admin paypal settings change the dev move to production. and that's it

If you feel or found any issues please feel free to contact our support and we will be happy to assist you further.

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