Managing suppliers
Before we start managing suppliers lets understand who is supplier and how it helps. Supplier is the one who supply content and service to admin / website which website owner resell to bring business and share the revenue based on fixed or percentage based.
Every supplier has to signup or must be registered by admin before managing their account. find below more details how to manage suppliers account.
HOW SUPPLIERS CAN REGISTER? 01. Here is the link where suppliers can register ( 02. First select a module (e.x Hotel/Tour/Cab). 03. Enter Company name plus some other basic details and successfully register. WORKING AND MANAGING WITH SUPPLIERS ACCOUNTS 01. (After when they have successfully registered) log into your admin account and find ‘Accounts’ option in the left sidebar. 02. Tap Suppliers and edit the supplier account you want to set up. 03. Add commission to suppliers account 04. Then look into Supplier details (E.x; Supplier for Hotel and Hotel name is Hotel Max). 05. Now add it's required Hotel/Cars/Tours option.For example it's an hotel request then we need to go into hotels option and click hotels. 06. Add a new hotel by filling in information provided by the supplier and submit. 07. Get back to accounts option and assign a hotel by editing it's account. 08. After when required hotel is created and assigned you need to give that account access,most probably you will let them just edit their hotel/cars/tours. 09. Click Hotels/Cars/Tours as required in the edit section. 10. Send verification details and submit at the end of the page, supplier would receive an email consisting username and password. You have successfully made and supplier’s account. NOTE: Graphics below show you options such as ‘Adding’ / ‘Deleting’ / ‘Editing’ suppliers account, You can also see in the small circles that accounts are active or not.