Theme and Styles

Managing website themes and styles
TO CREATE NEW THEME FOR YOUR WEBSITE PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW : 01. Copy the existing themes folder and rename the folder for example from ( default ) to ( new ) 02. Open new folder and find style.css and edit this file 03. In the header part of style.css there is commeted code change the name also there from ( default ) to ( new ) 04. Now edit the any line class style in this css and it will be applying on your entire theme. 05. If you like to change something in HTML you can have all the theme files such as header.php in your new theme 06. All the existing files avaialble in in same theme you can change body slider lsiting detail or booking page by just editing their files TO CHANGE THE COLORS OR STYLE YOU ONLY NEED TO EDIT THE FILE STYLE.CSS WHICH IS LOCATED IN themes -> default -> style.css