Stripe payment gateway configuration
To setup stripe payment gateway : 01. login to your admin panel 02. Navigate payment gateways from settings as below shown in image
Then from list of payment gateways click edit on the stripe
Then add your stripe credentials and make sure they are correct as per shown in the image c1 -> Public Key c2 -> Secret Key
After that click on save and return then test by making a booking and when it comes to payment select stripe and find the below test credit cards details

Testing interactivelyCopied!

When testing interactively, use a card number, such as 4242 4242 4242 4242. Enter the card number in the Dashboard or in any payment form.
  • Use a valid future date, such as 12/34.
  • Use any three-digit CVC (four digits for American Express cards).
  • Use any value you like for other form fields.